Price Per Head Security Is Priority #1 To Lion.

Lion Pay Per Head Security Privacy Protection

At Lion PerHead you can rest assured your player and agent information will be safe and secure. All our sites are fully encrypted and secured with DDOS protection for any potential cyber attacks.  All our servers are stored in climate controlled environment with second and third backups in case there is a power outage the backup servers rollover and keep the sites in operation with no down time. At Lion PerHead, the company services agents who handle their own pay and collects.

While some of the competition services post-up shops, this can create a volatile business environment as the post-up business model is extremely competitive. At Lion PerHead our #1 focus are the agents and growing your player base not exposing it. That is why we focus strictly on the Pay Per Head business model, the only information we need from you is an agent name, and method to contact (email / phone # / live chat). As for your players each will be identified by a player ID, no other information is required.

Offshore web servers are essential to keep your player information completely private.

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