Our dedicated servers are dedicated to your business!

Lion Pay Per Head Private Cloud Servers

The idea of “down time” is not in Lion Pay Per Head’s vocabulary. You are going to have complete protection, with backups upon backups. Your data is never in peril. And your privacy and confidentiality, as well as that of your clients, is paramount to us. The “paper trail,” which has put more than one business in peril in the past, never comes into play, because you’re the only one who has access to your statistics. You control the activity of your customers. You pay and collect in your own way, on your own terms. At long last, you can concentrate on growing your customer base, without having to worry about all the hassles and all the time you might normally spend on administration.


Security & DDoS Protection

Technology works best when it is made simple and any barriers are eliminated. Servers can get overwhelmed by DDoS attacks and similar malicious traffic, and they may even crash. Our free DDoS protection service utilize onsite or local filtering solutions for the best performance. Our online security is capable of filtering most layer 3 & layer 4 volumetric attacks. Our DDoS Protection runs on four distinct filtering platforms. They are powered by Radware DefensePro, Arbor TMS, and NSFOCUS. We also use a custom protection platform in some locations.

We'll NEVER let anyone slow YOUR BUSINESS down!

Our data centres are designed with five layers of physical security, 24/7 security staff and access control systems. We focus on quality and back our Pay Per Head services with ready to help in-house staff available no matter what time, day or night, 24/7/365. Our staff is experienced with and we provide them with ongoing training to insure our customers get exceptional support and privacy.

We ONLY  use in-house staff, no outsourcing of support or customer service