Lion PerHead is known as the industry’s leading Pay Per Head operator for agents looking to place their business with an experienced management team


Lion PerHead offices are based in Costa Rica with 15 years in business under its belt. Lion PerHead is known as the industry’s leading Pay Per Head operator for agents looking to place their business with an experienced management team. The core management team at Lion PerHead have a combined 30+ years of experience within the industry. If you’re looking to quickly grow your business, you have come to the right place. Lion PerHead will service your players with the upmost care providing premium software, true 24/7 support, and a knack for attention to detail.

Lion PerHead utilizes the most advanced technology for data processing, including services through sophisticated satellite phones, high-speed fiber-optic connections, and massive state-of-the-art servers. Our expert tech team is both reliable and friendly, ensuring all servers are protected with the latest DDOS mitigation services ensuring 100% uptime and true internet triple redundancy.

Questions about our software and data protection? Do not hesitate to contact a rep today for a complete description of our tech and logistical services.

Lion PerHead does not charge an over-inflated monthly rate

As an agent, you will have full access to your players wagering activity and complete control of every profile to maximize profits on a day to day basis. Need to adjust the odds for a particular player who’s sharp, no problem. If a players log-in credentials need to be set up, you have a sophisticated platform at your fingertips ready to go. At Lion PerHead you only pay for the players that actually use your service. Lion PerHead does not charge an over-inflated monthly rate or set fee based on your total players including those that are inactive.

Lion PerHead provides everything needed to grow your business featuring all the offerings your players need to ensure they enjoy the very best wagering experience. This includes sports betting (pre-match and live), racebook, several options for casinos including live, mobile betting and much more! The Lion PerHead service is priced to be competitive at $10 Per Head, straight forward and transparent as can be. There are no gimmicks, hidden fees, or flat monthly rates.

Have you been in business many years, and manage a large group of players? Contact a Lion PerHead representative today for a discounted rate.



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At Lion PerHead you automatically receive a customized site to service your players with the same experience they expect form the largest Offshore Sportsbook.   Once the page is fully set up, we host the site offshore and your players will have complete access to place their wagers anytime they are ready to log-in.  At Lion PerHead your players will be more than satisfied with the wagering interface and ease of use of the platform whether they are on the go with their favorite mobile device or betting from their home computer.

With the Lion PerHead Solution you will quickly maximize profits by providing a premium wagering service with no downtime and true 24/7 support.  This will give you the confidence to market your services to new players and quickly grow your business for many years to come.

Jim W.Las Vegas, NV
I got tired of keeping track of everything. I got LION PPH because they were fast, easy and always picked up when I called. They seriously got the sharpest lines in the industry. You guys are awesome! Thanks LION!

The idea of "down time" is not in Lion PerHead's vocabulary.

You are going to have complete protection, with backups upon backups. Your data is never in peril. And your privacy and confidentiality, as well as that of your clients, is paramount to us. The "paper trail," which has put more than one business in peril in the past, never comes into play, because you're the only one who has access to your statistics.

  • You control the activity of your customers.
  • You pay and collect in your own way, on your own terms.
  • You can concentrate on growing your customer base, without having to worry about all the hassles and all the time you might normally spend on administration.



Frankly speaking, if you want to become a bookie, or become a much more successful one, there is no better time to do it, no better way to do it, and no better group of professionals to do it with. Contact Lion PerHead today and get started on a more profitable future!